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View from Mount Philo

The Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership’s patchwork of farms and other working landscapes, forests, and towns and villages is home to history, natural amenities, and recreational opportunities. Photo: LCBP.

The Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership (CVNHP) is nestled between the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains and stretches south to the Mohawk River and connects with the communities along the Richelieu River in Quebec. The national heritage area includes the interconnected waterways of Lake Champlain, Lake George, the Champlain Canal and portions of the Upper Hudson River in Vermont and New York. The region is the ancestral homeland of Algonquin and Iroquois peoples and, over the past 400 years, has played a vital role in the establishment of the United States and Canada. It has served as a route of exploration, military campaigns and maritime commerce. It was the setting for innovations in business and technology, invasions and armed insurrections, new directions in religion and politics, long periods of peace and prosperity, and the beginnings of the conservation movement.


The CVNHP tells the stories of a place where new ideas are conceived, innovative products developed, and a new appreciation of heritage flourishes. Learn more


Interpretive Themes

Resource interpretation in the CVNHP focuses on three themes: Corridor of Commerce, Making of Nations, and Conservation and Community. Learn more


Management Plan

The CVNHP Management Plan defines the heritage area, establishes its purpose and goals, and outlines the actions to interpret and protect historic, cultural and recreational resources. Learn more



The CVNHP is housed within the Lake Champlain Basin Program, and its functions and actions are guided by the Lake Champlain Steering Committee. Learn more



As the only natural heritage area with “partnership” in its name, the CVNHP works closely with a variety of collaborators, from large federal agencies to small local historical societies. Learn more



With just one full-time staff person, the CVNHP works closely with LCBP personnel to accomplish its work. Learn more




The CVNHP Region

While the LCBP traditionally focuses on the watershed that drains into Lake Champlain, the area of consideration for the CVNHP includes any historic site or community along the “linked navigable waterways” of Lake Champlain, Lake George, the Champlain Canal, and the Upper Hudson River that contains a physical, cultural, or historical resource that represent the CVNHP’s interpretive themes. The Vermont and New York counties within the Partnership include Grand Isle, Franklin, Chittenden, Addison, Rutland, Bennington, Clinton, Essex, Warren, Saratoga and Washington.

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