Lake Champlain Bridge Quest

Lake Champlain Bridge

The Lake Champlain Bridge Area is the heart and crossroads of the CVNHP. Photo: LCBP

A Quest Awaits

Bridge Quest CardThe Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership (CVNHP), Chimney Point State Historic Site, Crown Point State Historic Site, Lake Champlain Visitors Center, and the Crown Point State Campground have developed the Lake Champlain Bridge Quest. Visitors to the Lake Champlain Bridge area follow clues on the Quest Map to answer seven riddles, and to obtain the quest’s treasure: a commemorative coin. The trek is an exciting way for people to immerse themselves in the rich history and scenic beauty of the Lake Champlain Bridge area. Download the Quest Map here or pick one up at the visitors center or at the two state historic sites. At a leisurely pace, the quest takes about three hours to complete. Once complete, questers can get their commemorative coin at the Lake Champlain Visitors Center, which sits at the western end of the Lake Champlain Bridge.