Island Line Trail

The Island Line Trail, once the route of the Rutland Railway, provides cyclists a spectacular way to enjoy Lake Champlain. Photo: LCBP

The natural, cultural, and historic resources of the Lake Champlain Basin offer a variety of recreation options. Whether hiking or biking, hunting or fishing, residents and visitors alike gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the Basin’s unique character and forge connections to the land and waters. Recreation and tourism also contribute significantly to local economies. Since its inception, the Lake Champlain Basin Program has recognized the power of these connections and has actively supported programs to enhance sustainable recreation and tourism in the region.

Adventure on the Water… and Below

Lake Champlain and hundreds of other water bodies and thousands of miles of rivers and streams in the Basin offer countless opportunities for adventure on the water. Discover your adventure on the water


Paths, Trails and Walking Tours

Whether exploring by foot, bike, or boat, recreation paths on the Lake and throughout the Basin offer a variety of ways to discover the Basin’s rich natural and cultural heritage. Explore paths, trails and tours


Fish and Wildlife Recreation

With a world-class fishery and abundant wildlife, the Basin’s wild lands and healthy ecosystems lure anglers, hunters, and birders. More on fish and wildlife recreation


Lake Champlain Bikeways

Lake Champlain Bikeways, a public/private partnership, offers an extensive network of routes and serves as the information clearinghouse for bicycling opportunities in the Champlain Valley. Learn more →



The CVNHP Region

While the LCBP traditionally focuses on the watershed that drains into Lake Champlain, the area of consideration for the CVNHP includes any historic site or community along the “linked navigable waterways” of Lake Champlain, Lake George, the Champlain Canal, and the Upper Hudson River that contains a physical, cultural, or historical resource that represent the CVNHP’s interpretive themes. The Vermont and New York counties within the Partnership include Grand Isle, Franklin, Chittenden, Addison, Rutland, Bennington, Clinton, Essex, Warren, Saratoga and Washington.

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