Norther Forest Canoe Trail log book

Whether it’s a map, guidebook, or a local organization’s knowledge, there are plenty of resources to help you get out and enjoy the CVNHP. Photo: LCBP.

CVNHP and its partners offers a wealth of resources to help protect, interpret, and enjoy the region’s natural and cultural resources.


Each year, the Lake Champlain Basin Program—the managing entity of the CVNHP—awards implementation grants that allow partners in the region to protect and interpret our heritage. Learn more


Documents And Publications

The CVNHP has supported the development of many guides and publications that help interpret our natural and cultural heritage. Explore these publications and more. Learn more



The area in the CVNHP has a long history of human settlement, exploration, and colonization. This history and the human imprint on the land has been well documented with maps for centuries. Learn more


Resource Database

The Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership (CVNHP) has created a resource inventory of more than 400 cultural heritage, historic, and/or recreation resources in the CVNHP region. Learn more


Photo Galleries

With stunning landscapes, picturesque villages, historical buildings, and artifacts of all types, the CVNHP offers limitless possibilities for photography. You can see some of our favorite photos here. View photos


Latest News

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The CVNHP Region

While the LCBP traditionally focuses on the watershed that drains into Lake Champlain, the area of consideration for the CVNHP includes any historic site or community along the “linked navigable waterways” of Lake Champlain, Lake George, the Champlain Canal, and the Upper Hudson River that contains a physical, cultural, or historical resource that represent the CVNHP’s interpretive themes. The Vermont and New York counties within the Partnership include Grand Isle, Franklin, Chittenden, Addison, Rutland, Bennington, Clinton, Essex, Warren, Saratoga and Washington.

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